45 years of the class "Micro" — 45 years of Pskov factory’s "TESO" yacht club.

31 Oct 2022

In 1977, at the initiative of the French yachting magazine Bateaux, the first micro-yacht races were organized in France, mainly of the Corsair project.


In the mid-70s, about 20 types of small cruising and racing yachts were produced in France, with a hull length of about 7 m and a main sail area of ​​about 20 sq.m. Affordable, stable and unsinkable yachts, suitable for moving around Europe on trailers, found a response both among designers and shipbuilders, and among sportsmen.

In October 1977, Bateaux magazine (No. 223) published a set of rules that united these smallest cruising and racing yachts. This class was called "Micro", and in 1978 the Micro Cup began to be played among the yachts of the class. 

Currently, the leading countries in terms of the number and skill of participants in the Micro class are France, Poland and Russia.

Already in 2005, at the 2nd Pskov sailing regatta, the Moscow fleet of the Micro yacht class was presented for the first time, and since 2007, as part of the official sporting events of the Pskov regatta, stages of the Cups of Russia and Europe have been held annually. In 2016, Pskov hosted the 40th World Championship in the "Micro" class — more than 40 crews from 11 countries of the world. Not professional racers take part in the competition, but people united by love for the sail, wind and water — as their hobby and at their own expense — the real sailors.

We also have an event: in 1977 in Pskov, also exactly 45 years ago, the yacht club of the TESO (heavy welding equipment plant) was created, which can rightfully be considered the original basis of Pskov sailing regatta.