The Notice of Race

19 May 2022

The Notice of Race of official sailing competitions "XVIII Pskov Sailing Regatta" have been published.

The competition is dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great.

As part of the XVIII Pskov Sailing Regatta, from June 10 to June 14, 2022, the following official events are scheduled:

  • International competitions: stage of the European Cup in the class of yachts "Micro";
  • International competitions: "Hanse Pskov sailing regatta" in the junior yacht class "Optimist";
  • Cup of Russia: the stage of the Cup of Russia in the Paralympic class of yachts "2.4 mR";
  • Inter-regional competitions in yacht classes: "Optimist", "Cadet", "Luch-Radial", "Luch-Mini", "Rocket-270"; "Zoom 8", "Laser", "Laser-Radial", "Laser 4.7";
  • Regional competitions in the class of cruising yachts: cruising yacht "Quarterton", cruising yacht "Open 800", "Minitonner", "T-2" and "Micro".