Hanse sails Pskov regatta

17 Apr 2019

On 11-17 June 2019, Pskov lake hosts the international competitions “Hanse Sails Pskov Regatta” within the framework of the XVI Pskov Sailing Regatta official events. The competitions have officially scheduled in Russian Yachting Federation, World sailing and the Ministry of Sport of Russian Federation.

The competitions will be held in the run-up to the 39th International Festival “The Hanseatic Days of New Time”, which will take place in Pskov on 27-30 June, 2019.

Honest word and live contacts, justice and worthy rivalry - these principles were the basis of more than 300 years of the historic Hanseatic League existence, which united the neighboring countries by the Baltic waterways, and now constitute the "spirit" of the new Hanseatic League. “Honor and faith” is the motto of our competitions.

Within the framework of the XVI Pskov sailing regatta official events, several competitions are scheduled from 11 to 17 June 2019:

International competitions

"Hanse sails Pskov regatta" in the yacht class "Optimist"

Stage of the Euro Micro Cup

Interregional сompetitions

Interregional youth competitions in the yacht classes: "Zoom 8", "Laser", "Laser Radial", "Laser 4.7", "Cadet", "Luch", "Luch-Radial", "Luch-Mini", "Rocket-270"

Cup of Russia

Stage of the Para Russian Cup in "2.4 mR"

Russian Star Sailors League

Regional competitions

Regional competitions in the cruising yachts classes: cruising yacht “Quarter ton”, cruising yacht “Open 800”, VI class “Mini ton”

Pskov sailing regatta

Organizing committee of Pskov sailing regatta