XIX Pskov sailing regatta

09-13 jun 2023

09-13 jun 2023

XIX Pskov sailing regatta

About event

Competitions of the XIX Pskov sailing regatta are dedicated to:

  • 1120th anniversary of the city of Pskov
  • 550th anniversary of Pskov-Pechory monastery
  • 100th anniversary of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation
  • 320th anniversary of the Russian Baltic Fleet.

June 12 is the day of Russia, the all-Russian holiday "Sails of Russia", (May 30 old style) the birthday of Peter the Great and Aleksander Nevsky.

Opening of the competition  — 10 June at 12:00 in the boarding house "Krivsk" of Central Bamk of Russian Federation.

As part of the XIX Pskov Sailing Regatta competition, from 9 to 13 June, 2023, the following official events are scheduled:

1. International competitions: stage of the European Cup in the class of yachts "Micro" (Calendar Plan of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation).

2. Stage of the Russian Cup in the Paralympic yacht class "2.4 meters" (Calendar Plan of Ministry of Sports).

3. Interregional competition "Hanseatic Pskov sailing regatta" in the youth yacht classes: "Optimist", "Luch Radial", "Luch Mini", "Zoom 8", "Laser", "Laser Radial", "Laser 4.7" (CP MS No. 31000).

4. Stage of the Russian Cup in the yacht class "Flying Dutchman" (CP MoS No. 30885).

5. Stage of the Russian Cup in inclusive sailing in the "Yarkat" class.

6. Regional competitions in the free class of cruising yachts: "Quartertonner", "Open 800", "Minitonner", "T-2".

Notice of Race