About Pskov Sailing Regatta

Pskov sailing regatta is a nonprofit open competition conducted in the interests of the participants. All funds received from sponsors spend on the preparation and the carrying out of competitions, awarding the participants and are not a source of profit.

Unique waters of Pskov lake, geographical location, historical and cultural potential of the Pskov region, support of the Russian Yachting Federation, the Bank of Russia, regional and federal authorities, the charity of business, the enthusiasm of the organizers and sailors is the foundation of the success of the past regattas and an encouraging outlook for the upcoming competitions.

Aleksey Grunyonyshev


National sailing league and Pskov youth regatta

XIV Pskov sailing regatta is dedicated to the 1155th anniversary of the Russian statehood and the 775th anniversary of the victory of Alexander Nevsky on Chudskoe lake. It runs from 10 to 19 June on the Pskov lake. Traditionally, Regatta holds the European Cup stage in the yacht class "Micro", the Cup of Russia in the Paralympic yacht class "2.4 mR", interregional junior and youth competition, and regional competition in the "Svobodny" class.

Also Regatta hosts the National Sailing League. There on the Pskov lake runs the IV stage of the competition of the strongest Russian sailors in the Higher and Premier Divisions.

In autumn, September 9, the Pskov Youth Regatta starts - it is the first junior international sailing competition. Races within the framework of the "Pskov Sailing Regatta" are organized to prepare for the International competition of the Hanseatic countries of the Hanseatic Pskov Sailing Regatta. "Honor and Faith" is the motto of the competition.

Young sailors from Estonia, Pskov, Primorsk, St. Petersburg, Leningrad region and Veliky Novgorod take part in the regatta.

World Championship and starts on the riv. Velikaya

Within the framework of the 13th Pskov sailing regatta, the 40th World sailing Championship in the yacht class "Micro" is held. The crews from Poland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan compete. Among them are multiple winners and prize-winners of world championships Peter Ogrodnik, Nicolas Piero, Philippe Benaben, Johan Ringelmann, Matteo Vanelli and others. Russian yachtsmen in the competition are represented by crews from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lipetsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Kaliningrad and many other cities. The judging committee of the 40th World Micro Championship includes members of the international jury from Germany, Italy and China, as well as judges from Moscow and Novouralsk. Also there are races in junior&youth and Paralympic classes of yachts. On June 11, the competition takes place in the water area of ​​the Velikaya River in Pskov, on the stretch from the Mirozhsky Monastery to the Olginsky Bridge. Young yachtsmen from Pskov and Veliky Novgorod, St. Petersburg and Moscow, the Moscow region, Lipetsk and Kaliningrad are fighting for the the Pskov region Governor's Prize. From the Pskov Kremlin in the direction of the Pskov Lake, a cruising race among Pskov yachtsmen starts. On June 12 and 13, the competitions of the Pskov sailing regatta in these classes of yachts continue on the Pskov lake.

Euro Cup and getting ready for World Championship

2015. XII International Pskov sailing regatta, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. For the first time the competition was attended by young sailors Pskov from junior sailing section, created in collaboration ANO "Pskov sailing regatta" and the Administration of the Pskov region. As part of the XII International Pskov sailing regatta held competitions "Russian Open Championship - European Micro Cup” where for the first time took part the team racers from Germany, Kazakhstan, Siberia - Ekaterinburg team,- Omsk and Chelyabinsk.

During the competition, representatives of the International Micro class Association checked the preparedness of Pskov sailing regatta to the reception of international racing. November 21, 2015, at a meeting of the General Assembly of International Micro class Association in Berlin the presidents of the European national associations approved the decision to hold the 40th Micro World Championship within the XIII Pskov sailing regatta framework, 11 -19 June, 2016.

December 2, 2015 the ceremony "National Award “Yachtsman of the Year ". Autonomous non-profit organization "Pskov sailing regatta" receives the highest rating from the sailing community of Russia. It is recognized as the winner in the nomination "The best organizer of the sailing competition." This award from Russian Sailing Federation is in recognition of the entire team of like-minded enthusiasts and good friends in the co-creation of the Pskov sailing regatta.


2014 - XI International Pskov sailing regatta dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Pskov land from the nazis. On June 12, 2014, on the Day of Russia, after the inauguration of the regatta and the traditional prayer, 133 yachtsman aged 6 to 65 years - from Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland toed the starting line on the Pskov lake.


In 2013, the regatta celebrates its first major anniversary – it has reached the age of ten.

    As part of the X Pskov sailing regatta there holds the European Cup in the class of cruising yachts - Micro Class, as well as the stage of Russian Open Cup in the 2,4 mR Class among disabled persons. In sailing race take part the sailors of Russian Paralympic team on the modern racing boats. Following the "laws of good seamanship" the organizers of the Pskov sailing regatta introduced a new tradition of the holding an ecological action "Pskov Shores".

New rises

IX Pskov sailing regatta cannot do without its surprises: in 2012 there is the first race among the representatives of leading Russian schools in youth class yachts - "Cadet", "Optimist" and "Rocket-270." Traditional for Europe and worldwide competition among the clergy holds for the first time in Russia, in Pskov. In the race take part the representatives of Pskov and Saratov eparchies .


In 2011, as part of the Pskov sailing regatta, hold the competitions of Moscow Fleet in Star Class led by the Champion of Russia in 2010, Mikhail Skachkov. Since 2011, a new tradition starts – in June, 12 - the Day of Russia - to hold All-Russian festival "Sails of Russia" attended by all the sailors of the Pskov region.

Euro Micro

In 2010 Pskov sailing regatta takes "Open Stage of the European Cup - Euro Micro” with the participation of teams from Pskov, Moscow, Latvia, Estonia and Serbia. The regatta is included in the Ministry’s of Sports of Russian Federation unified calendar plan of national and international competitions. In Micro Class fights for the victory Supervisory Board Chairman of the Pskov sailing regatta - Andrey Belyuchenko.

Flying Dutchman

2009: the main event – in the framework of the regatta takes place the Championship of Russia in the legendary class of racing yachts “The Flying Dutchman”, with Alexandr Kotenkov’s , Russian President’s representative in the Federal Assembly, personal participation in race.

Russian Micro Cup

In 2008 Pskov sailing regatta takes an open stage «Russian Micro Cup» where first start "Tortuga" and "Siesta" boats, as well as the crew of the Young Sailors Club of Narva (Estonia) headed by Fedor Denisenko.

Paralympic champions

In 2007, just within the framework of Pskov regatta, the head coach of the Russian Paralympic sailing team Sergey Moskovtsev holds qualifying competitions for sailors with disabilities, as a result of which the Paralympic team for participation in the Olympic Games in Beijing forms. Sailors wrestle on the new Micro Class yachts built by Sergey Overkin at his Pskov boatyard. Sergey Stepanov's crew wins the Micro Class race coming out on a new yacht "Bezo".


At the Pskov sailing regatta - 2006, the race in the cruising yacht class - Quarter Ton Class - carries out at the level of the Cup of Russia, with the participation of Moscow Association of Quarter Ton Class.


In 2005, for the first time Pskov sailing regatta is attended by representatives of the Russian Association of Micro Class yachts which became the base class of the regatta.

First start

 The 1st Pskov sailing regatta was attended by the famous yachtsman Igor Zaretsky from Yaroslavl - the first of the Russians, who in 2010 won the transatlantic single race in regatta Jester Challenge. Also there Alexander Muzichenko from Riga, Olympic champion of 1980 – sail trimmer of the legendary Valentin Mankin’s crew in the Star Class race in Tallinn.